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Retail strategy development

We specialise in providing advice on strategy development for your retail business

Retailing is one of the most competitive industries in the world with its changing formats, fast-paced environments and ever-decreasing margins.

At Florrimay Retail Consulting, we assist our clients with advice on the future of retailing, addressing areas including:

  • Strategic intent
  • Organisational design and restructure
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Critical path planning.

Strategic intent

This is a declaration of the course that the management of your business plans on taking the organisation. The strategic intent of a business needs to be easily understood by everyone in the organisation so that all members can work toward that consistent overall goal.

Organisational design and restructure

Organisational design is vital for your business to see lower costs, better outcomes, and a more capable, confident group of people inside the business who will be able to deliver required results.

An assessment of the operational effectiveness of your business

Factors we look at to ensure the operational effectiveness of your business is delivering you the best opportunity to deliver strategic growth plans:

  • Your operating model – Is it simple? Complexity equals cost, so a lean operating model is crucial
  • Staff are your largest non-product cost, and your biggest asset. Are they being treated that way?
  • Internal processes – Are they simple and efficient? Poor process can lead to increased cost and low productivity
  • Supply chain – Do you have hidden costs or increased timelines and is your supply chain offering you a full end-to-end approach?

Critical path planning

Critical path planning involves constructing a model of each process or project that includes:

  • A list of all activities required to complete the process or project
  • The time that each activity takes to complete
  • The dependencies between the activities and,
  • Logical end points such as milestones or deliverable items.

It is important to allow for variables in each element of the process, as blindly expecting results based on estimated times could lead to difficulties in the implementation of a project or process.

With extensive industry expertise, experience and tools, we can create and activate successful retail development strategies for your business. Other important factors we will assess include financial management, and team engagement and culture.