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What does a retail management consultant do?

August 30 2014Retail management consultant

You may have considered engaging the services of a retail management consultant to assess your organisation’s systems and processes. This could be because you are concerned about the effectiveness or necessity of existing processes within your organisation and want an expert opinion on any necessary changes that could lead to improvements within your business as well as improvements in the success of your business.

There are a number of tasks a retail management consultant may undertake when they work with your organisation. These tasks include:

  • Spending time with staff from management to entry-level, to gather information about the current function of each area of the business
  • Determining the specific duties of each role
  • Determining the tasks carried out in each role and the time frame needed for each task to be completed.

Once this information is gathered, the consultant will then identify any problem areas and consider alternate strategies to overcome them, as well as consider any and all benefits and costs of the alternate strategies that are being recommended. The end result will be a presentation and documentation outlining how any changes or recommendations are to be communicated to management and all employees, as well as how any changes or recommendations are to be implemented.

The aim of any retail management consultant is to work with you and your organisation to achieve “definable” outcomes that flow from the consulting work that is done. Definable outcomes are quantifiable. They also need to be clear, achievable and able to be implemented with relative ease and the least amount of negative impact on staff.

Florrimay Retail Consulting will work closely with you to provide practical and professional advice regarding any structural or systemic problems and turn challenges into opportunities. Contact us and let our retail management consultant help your business become more successful and ultimately more profitable.