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July 16 2014Team Engagement and Culture

Retailing is a labor-intensive business, and employees play a major role providing services for customers and building the all-important customer loyalty that gives you repeat sales.

Florrimay Retail Consulting can help you build a sustainable competitive advantage through your employees and the engagement both employees and customers have with your business. This involves the experience your customers have instore as well as online. Remember that knowledgeable and skilled employees who are committed to your objectives are important assets in your business. They are, in effect, the first customers you have to sell to. If the product isn’t something your employees believe in, it will be infinitely harder for them to communicate and inspire the customer.

How to you engage your team? At Florrimay Retail Consulting, we encourage you to think outside the box and consider:

Communicating clear goals and expectations of your employees

The majority of your retail team want to be part of your organisation and to see it flourish and succeed. Give them clear targets and tie them to the ambitions of the organisation as a whole.

Share information and numbers

Let them know what is going on in the organisation and how their roles contribute to the big picture, and increase their sense of ownership and responsibility.

Encourage open communication

Get insight using surveys, suggestion boxes and team meetings. Be open-minded and encourage ideas without immediately criticising them. Practice and encourage effective listening at all levels of the organisation.

Create a strong team environment

Strong team engagement is dependent on how well employees get along, interact with each other and participate in a team environment.

Keep providing feedback on the positives

Your team members will keep doing well when they know they’re doing well.

Celebrate both financial and non-financial achievements

Employees need to feel validated and that they are a valuable part of the organisation. Show recognition and care for efforts made.

With a thorough review of your retail business and the marketplace, Florrimay Retail Consulting can establish where your team engagement or lack thereof may be letting you and your customers down. Contact us today and we will offer retail business advice that provides strategies and solutions for greater team engagement to help your business grow.