Why Engage UsFlorrimay Retail Consulting

Why engage a retail business consultant

When you engage Florrimay Retail Consulting, you gain an immediate and flexible approach to executive retail leadership, as well as a reliable and affordable service that can be personally tailored to suit your needs and the needs of your organisation.

We are an independent retail management consulting service with access to a network of other independent consultants, offering expert retail knowledge and resource to support you with your business goals. We operate on a personal level and tailor our service to what you require, either as an adviser or by embedding ourselves within your business, managing your project from beginning to end. We also support businesses in the area of team engagement and culture.

Florrimay Retail Consulting can help:

Whether employing strategy development, reviewing financial management, buying and planning, or a mix of each element, Florrimay Retail Consulting can help companies become more successful and profitable.